👋 We're looking for a curious, courageous, team-oriented problem solver to join Klearly. This is a fully remote position! While the future with COVID is uncertain, we plan to continue to have an office space in the Triangle area of North Carolina as a perk for anyone local who wants a quiet place to work away from home.

What kinds of problems will you solve?

As a machine learning developer at Klearly, your primary responsibility will be to build predictive models that help our users make better decisions and to grow the value of the company. You'll apply skills in data exploration, statistics, visualization, and programming to help us better understand and unlock the value of customer data. Alongside software engineers at Klearly, you'll ensure that your models can be repeatably trained and validated, and that tens of thousands of predictions per day can be run without starting a fire. You'll advance our models and modeling capabilities, experiment with new modeling techniques and tools, and help educate the team and our customers on the theory and practice of ML. By working closely with the product and customer teams, you'll gain domain expertise, explore and create new product opportunities, and help turn new ideas into functioning, valuable features. Your ownership, vision, and mentorship will help the Klearly team grow and thrive.

On most days you'll work with:

  • Python, our chosen language for data science, along with pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Jupyter, and whatever else is needed to get the job done
  • PostgreSQL, where our customer and product data live
  • PyMC3, a Pythonic probabilistic programming language and our primary modeling tool

On some days you may encounter:

  • Elixir, our backend language, through which all product data flows
  • Google Cloud, where our code and data are hosted
  • Docker and Kubernetes, because containers
  • React and Javascript, which power the face of our app

Modeling topics you may explore:

  • Generalized linear and additive models
  • Multilevel modeling
  • Time series and time-to-event ("survival") forecasting
  • Gaussian processes, tree methods, neural networks, and other nonlinear modeling approaches
  • Alternative probabilistic ML tools
  • Decision science
  • Causal analysis

What you bring:

  • The determination to learn Klearly's business and shepherd models from the whiteboard to tangible customer value
  • Curiosity, enthusiasm, and a sense of adventure
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A love of learning and sharing knowledge with others
  • A strong foundation in math, statistics, data analysis, and the theory and practice of ML
  • At least several years of experience building and deploying predictive models in a business context
  • Experience in, or excitement to learn, probabilistic ML
  • Mastery of at least one general-purpose programming language and a broad interest in programming and software development

What Klearly brings:

  • Work/life balance: Enjoy flexibility in when, how, and where you work.
  • Flexible time off: Take what you need when you need it.
  • Competitive compensation
  • Health, dental, and vision: 100% premium coverage for you and 80% for your family.
  • Focus on learning: Every Friday afternoon is Playground time, where we spend the whole afternoon learning or building anything under the sun that interests us. We really do this, every single Friday afternoon. We regularly gather for Playground Show & Tell to share what we've learned.
  • Ownership & autonomy: As one of our first hires, you'll receive meaningful equity and have ownership over your area of the product.

What we do at Klearly:

Klearly helps B2B marketing and sales teams make smarter choices about which accounts and which actions to focus on next. With our high-volume data pipeline, we connect directly to their data sources, sanitize and standardize the data, and use machine learning to surface signals from the noise. We present these insights in a thoughtful way via our web application to provide a dedicated workspace with clear, prioritized, actionable recommendations.

For more info, see the Klearly website.

Our company values

  • Trust: We inspire trust from others by consistently doing our best, committing, and following through.
  • Empathy: We aim to anticipate others' challenges, to listen with openness, and to lead with a desire to be helpful.
  • Growth: We seek opportunities to grow, often and especially from diverse perspectives, by asking lots of questions, and starting with ‘why.’
  • Joy: We experience fantastic joy in helping others be successful and in recognizing their successes.